Loggers Run

An original 1976 Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA ride, Loggers Run still operates at both parks. One of two interlocking flumes, Loggers Run featured a unique double-down drop while sister flume Yankee Clipper offered a steep, straight drop. Loggers Run was one of the most popular rides in the parks for several years. Although its popularity has declined over time, it still remains a favorite of many park visitors. The configuration of the lower flume at Santa Clara was altered significantly for the installation of the Stealth roller coaster. The installation of Stealth also required the removal of Yankee Clipper from Santa Clara.

Loggers Run was manufactured by Arrow Development Company which was later named Arrow Dynamics and eventually acquired by S & S Power, Inc.

Yukon Territory
Final season:
Gurnee: still operating
Santa Clara: closed on October 29, 2017

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