GREAT AMERICA Scenic Railway

The GREAT AMERICA Scenic Railway trains were supplied to Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA by the Custom Fabricators company of Johnson City, Tennessee. Each park had two trains: one red and one blue. The GREAT AMERICA Scenic Railway had stations in Hometown Square and County Fair. The Hometown Square station sat atop the berm behind the Carousel Columbia, effectively separating Carousel Plaza and Hometown Square. The County Fair station, near the far end of the park, was known as the Fairgrounds Junction station. Trestles in Hometown Square and Orleans Place separated pedestrian and rail traffic in the parks. Pedestrian crossings were added in Gurnee with the opening of the Southwest Territory themed section.

The train’s routes circled each park, providing a relaxing sightseeing tour. The GREAT AMERICA Scenic Railway also served guests as an easy means of transportation between the front and back of the park. During typical operation, guests could remain on board for as long as they liked.

The Santa Clara GREAT AMERICA Scenic Railway was removed after the 1999 season. The Hometown Square station was demolished. The Fairgrounds Junction station was converted into a queue house for the Psycho Mouse roller coaster.

stations in Hometown Square and County Fair
Final operating season:
Santa Clara: 1999

Gurnee: still operating

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