The Demon

The original 1976 roller coaster named the Turn of the Century was converted into the Demon for the 1980 season at both parks. Although the Turn of the Century already took riders upside-down twice in its corkscrew, vertical loops on roller coasters were a highly-marketable novelty in the late 1970s. By removing the two hills after the first drop and replacing them with two consecutive vertical loops, the parks could essentially market the Demon as a new and exciting roller coaster without actually installing a new roller coaster.

To enhance the roller coaster’s transformation, an elaborate theming package accompanied the dramatic changes to the track configuration. A tunnel with fog was added between the station and the lift. Rock structures were built that interlocked with the new vertical loops. Following the loops, a tunnel with sophisticated lighting effects was added. At the corkscrew entrance, a demonic rock formation would swallow each passing coaster train which then sped by a blood-red waterfall. In addition to the tunnels and other special effects, a lengthy Demon song played in the queue areas. Over the years, theming elements have been taken out of service or removed altogether at both parks.

County Fair
Final season:
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