The Whirligig opened in 1976 at Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA only in Gurnee. It was located in County Fair, across from Fiddler’s Fling, near the Fairgrounds Junction train station. A product of Zierer of Germany, the trade name for the Whirligig is Wave Swinger. On the Whirligig, riders are seated in individual swings. A ride on the Whirligig begins with the central column telescoping upward to lift riders into the air. The ride rotates rapidly and spins riders through the air. The top of the Whirligig tilts to add an up-and-down motion to the spinning.

The Gurnee Whirligig has been relocated and currently operates in Yankee Harbor. While Marriott never provided a Whirligig for Santa Clara, the California park eventually received a Zierer Wave Swinger in 2001. The Santa Clara ride is named Celebration Swings.

County Fair — Gurnee only
Final season:
still operating (relocated; currently in Yankee Harbor)

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