Yankee Clipper

The Yankee Clipper was one of two interlocking super flume rides at Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA. Flume rides had established themselves among the most popular rides in theme parks. The two flumes at Marriott’s GREAT AMERICA were built on a grand scale, more spectacular than most similar rides found at other theme parks. Built by Arrow Development Company (later Arrow Dynamics), Yankee Clipper was an example of an Arrow hydroflume, with the small jump at the bottom of the big drop. Clipper featured a steep, straight drop which distinguished it from sister flume Loggers Run‘s unique double-down drop.

In Gurnee, the Yankee Clipper was renamed to Ice Mountain Splash for a while. Subsequently, the Yankee Clipper name has been restored.

Yankee Harbor, interlocked with Loggers Run flume
still operational in Gurnee; removed after the 1998 season in Santa Clara

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