Yukon Yahoo

Another product of the Anton Schwarzkopf company of Germany, the trade name for the Yukon Yahoo ride is “Bayern-Kurve”. On the Yukon Yahoo, a train of bobsled cars races around a circular track, thrilling riders as it accelerates. Originally located in Yukon Territory, the Gurnee ride was later relocated to Orleans Place at the location of the former Delta Flyer skyride station. In an inglorious reference
to the venerable skyride, the Yukon Yahoo was renamed Delta Flyer. The ride was eventually removed from the Gurnee park. In Santa Clara, the Yukon Yahoo was relocated near the lift hill of the Demon roller coaster and renamed Berserker.

Yukon Territory
Final season:
Santa Clara: still operating as the Berserker next to the Demon roller coaster; Gurnee: approximately 1991

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